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Window Cleaning made easy in Kingswinford.

John's Window & Gutter Cleaning in action in Kingswinford doing a commercial window cleaning contract for a prestigious client.

Window Cleaning | Kingswinford | John's Window & Gutter Cleaning
Another great Window Cleaning job in Kingswinford.

It's a Cold day for Window Cleaners

Today was a cold day to be a window cleaner in Kingswinford. I was glad to be able to use my hot water window cleaning system to enable me to get not only a spotless job completed but at the same time it kept me warm and enjoying my job!

Time to start considering the freezing aspect of window cleaning...

The weather is really beginning to change now so it's time for window cleaners like myself to start wrapping up warm and switching to heated window cleaning systems to make life a little more comfortable and the job a lot better. Freezing water pipes can be a pain to any window cleaner so best practice is to keep a heater in the van over night if you don't have a heated window cleaning system. Another alternative worth considering is adding trace heating frost protection cable to your window cleaning system. They come with a thermostat and it offers a simple, low cost solution to prevent frozen pipes and a delayed start to a window cleaners day.

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